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David Schulman is creator and producer of Musicians in their own words. He interviews the musicians, writes and mixes the hour-long programs, and mixes many of the individual features.

He also curates and consults with public radio stations on new program development, interviewing, writing for radio, and use of music. In 2006, he worked with staff of The Story with Dick Gordon and developed the family of "music tools" that help give that show its distinctive sound signature. From 2000-2002, he worked at NPR for Performance Today. Comments and questions about Musicians in their own words can be sent to David at

Jeffrey Freymann-Weyr is a producer with NPR's Arts and Information Unit. He co-produces most of the Musicians in their own words features that air on NPR's national programs. He's also a fine composer — learn more at his NPR bio.

Bonnie Grice's warm and intelligent on-air presence has been a favorite of public radio listeners for more than 20 years. She created and hosts the award-winning nationally syndicated interview program, "The Song is You," and is heard as the morning and afternoon voice of "Jazzworks." She has previously hosted national programs including "Performance Today" and "Anthem."

Bonnie currently hosts a daily arts and culture magazine for WLIU-FM; in Southampton, N.Y. Hers is a familiar voice to listeners in Los Angeles, New York and Boston from her days on the air at KUSC, WNYC and WGBH. She is also an actor, a librettist, and an avid football fan.

Amy Sprague designed this website and Click here to view her impressive portfolio.

Katie Davis is a Washington DC writer and broadcaster. Her series, Neighborhood Stories, airs on NPR's All Things Considered and PRI's This American Life. Katie's insightful script-doctoring greatly improved the hour-long specials. Check out her Kid's Guide to Recording Stories at

Our partners
The Musicians in their own words project has benefited from several vital and creative public radio partners since 2002. From the beginning, staff at CPB and NPR; have been instrumental in shaping and refining the project, and in supporting its growth.

WLIU-FM, the Long Island University Public Radio Network, has provided strong support for production of the hour-long specials.

Public Radio International (PRI) has stepped up with marketing and distribution support for the hour-long specials, with an able assist from Creative PR.

The Public Radio Exchange (PRX) and WUNC-North Carolina Public Radio were both among the earliest and most avid backers of Musicians in their own words. PRX hosts a page where its members can audition the hour-long specials from PRI, and where public radio stations can license them for local broadcast. PRX also serves as a portal where members can audition and license for local broadcast some of the earlier standalone features.

Statement of Purpose
The “Musicians in their own words” project seeks to provide public radio listeners with engaging and informative programming on music and musicians. In choosing performers to feature, the project is guided by musicians’ artistic merit and integrity and by their expressiveness both as performers and as interview subjects. Editorial choices about which performers to include are made with the aim of presenting artists from a diversity of musical and cultural traditions, whose music and stories will engage, enlighten, and appeal to a range of public radio listeners. “Musicians in their own words” is an independent arts journalism undertaking, and care is taken in the production process to portray each feature subject fairly, and in a way that is true to the music and true to the stories the musicians have to tell.





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